Central to Get Naloxone Now's mission to save lives is our institutional program.


Police, Firefighters and EMT's
We aim to equip first responders (police, firefighters, EMTs) with the necessary tools to initiate programs and train public safety personnel on how to safely and effectively intervene in a 911 opioid-associated overdose emergency. Using our easy to use, interactive, computer-based training module, first responders can access up to date knowledge and skills on how to reverse an opioid-associated overdose and save a life.

Get Naloxone Now's easy to use, online, interactive training module with a Q & A section and a post-test to evaluate knowledge learned is available free of charge for your use. Upon successful completion of the training module, a certificate of completion will be emailed to you. Additional learning opportunities and resources are also available on the GetNalxoneNow.Org website. We are also happy to connect first responders and clinics to local service providers or other services for technical assistance in initiating a program, obtaining naloxone, or enhancing the teaching/learning experience of first responders and trainers.


Medical Directors and Nurse Practitioners
We also support health-care providers seeking to use the module to train patients and their social networks (family members, colleagues and friends). In both cases, downloadable manuals are available for medical directors and nurse practitioners with additional information to support teaching and learning. We also support healthcare providers seeking to use our online computer-based module to train patients and their families and friends.

Manual for Nurse Practitioners Creating a Naloxone Program

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